Sunday, April 5, 2009

Parents Universal Resource Experts - Sue Scheff: Getting Teens Information on Skin Care

Help Kids with Information on Teenage Acne

Almost all teenagers suffer from acne to some degree. In fact, statistics show us that approximately ninety five percent of teenagers suffer from acne. With all the pressures that teens are under these days, the added problem of dealing with acne can lead some to feel overwhelmed. Therefore, it is important, as adults, to have information on teenage acne in order to help the teens with this problem. If left untreated there can be physical repercussions in the form of scarring that will last through adulthood. However, the more serious issues come from the psychological affects teenagers deal with when they have an acne problem.

Teenagers are sensitive and deal with a lot. They are easily thrown into depression and moodiness. Add to typical teenage behavior an acne problem and you may be faced with a child who is sullen, depressed, withdrawn, acts out or has other behavioral issues. For acne in teen boys, they may get teased in the locker room; they may have confidence issues when dealing with girls; they may withdraw from friends and social activities. For acne in teen girls, they may have a negative self image; they may hesitate to get involved with extra curricular activities; they may have a smaller circle of friends. The results of acne can have an enormous impact on a teenager’s life.

The problems resulting from teen acne can be severe. This is especially true if compounded by other issues that are causing problems. However, there is good news. With some teen acne tips you can help alleviate the issue once and for all, restoring a teen’s self confidence and eliminating at least one of the common issues teenagers deal with in today’s society. Most people have some questions regarding teenage acne though: What is acne? How is it caused? What can we do to cure it?

Acne is the term used for the pimples and blemishes found on the skin. It can appear all over the body but is most common on the face, neck, chest and back. Acne can appear in people of all ages, even adults. But, it is most prevalent in teenagers. The severity of the acne problem varies from person to person. Some people may have minor outbreaks occasionally while others have a severe problem. However, almost all teenagers have acne to some degree in their life.

Throughout the generations there has been speculation on how acne caused. This has meant that a lot of old wives’ tales have been started. Chocolate, greasy foods, weight lifting, tight clothing and dirt are all causes of acne, right? No. All of them can help exacerbate a condition but none are the root cause. So before you can properly treat acne, make sure you understand the root cause of it and the cause is hormonal. When a hormonal imbalance occurs in the system, excess oils are produced that clog pores and result in blemishes, redness, pimples and acne cysts.

So, now that the cause for acne is cleared up, how can it be treated? The best treatment for teenage acne means taking a complete view of the acne and treating it fully. Start with a balanced diet. Eating healthy has many benefits and clearer skin is one of them. You should also make sure to clean the skin daily. This can be performed by using over the counter topical creams and cleansers. Use them regularly to maintain a healthy glow, clear away oil, open the pores and to help prevent blemishes. But you still need to treat the root of acne, the hormonal imbalance. This can be done with the use of natural dietary supplements.

When you have a comprehensive treatment plan that includes healthy eating, regular cleaning and supplements, you will have a greater success at curing acne. The acne that is there will go away quickly. Maintaining the skin care regimen will ensure that teenage acne does not return to cause more problems. Before choosing products, though, keep in mind you want a comprehensive program. There are many skin care products on the market today but do not buy into the hype of expensive advertising campaigns.

Instead, research the best products and ideally get a solution that addresses all aspects of a skin care regimen. There are products on the market today that consist of topical cleansers and lotions as well as dietary supplements. These products are most convenient to use because you have all you need in one treatment solution. If you embark on an acne treatment addressing all the needs, your teenager will be more confident and feel better about themselves. With all the problems teenagers have to deal with today, eliminating a source of frustration and depression will go a long way toward helping teenagers get through these tough years. It is an easy solution to a tough problem and one every teen should consider.