Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Parents Universal Resource Experts: Teenagers Cutting Themselves by Connect with Kids

The Enemy Inside

It’s hard to understand teenagers cutting themselves, but kids do deliberately burn, scratch and cut themselves until they bleed. Even the kids involved with teenage cutting can’t tell you why it makes them feel better… at least for the moment.

They can tell you that it’s addictive and scary.“Cutting” is the most popular form of self-injury today, and it is on the rise among adolescents.

Teenagers cutting themselves is a sign of emotional pain but it can also lead to major physical injury… and even death in some cases. The addictive nature of this condition allows it to spin quickly out of control.How can you help prevent teenage cutting?

The first step is communication, but talking about teenage cutting isn’t easy.
The Enemy Inside can help.

Compelling true stories from kids who struggle with self-injury will help explain why kids do it, why they want to stop – and so often why they can’t.

You’ll also hear expert advice for parents, teachers and counselors, on how to help prevent this kind of self-harm cutting and how to suggest healthier alternatives.

Order your copy of The Enemy Inside to learn what you need to know about teenagers cutting themselves and to see why Connect with Kids programs have been shown to improve youth behavior and increase communication between parents and children.

As a Parent Advocate, this is one of the most serious concerns parents can face when their teenager starts self mutilating. Parents need to be aware of the signs, reasons and most importantly reach out for help.